Florida Man Birthday August 7

Florida man who exaggerated in a fight was arrested after biting his friend’s ear

A Florida man bit his friend in the ear while fighting. When the incident was reported to the police, necessary investigations were started. Later, police announced that 45-year-old James Williams was arrested for battery charges after biting his friend’s ear during a fight at the Oceans Edge Resort & Marina in Stock Island.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has released some of the details regarding the incident. Williams was on vacation with three of his friends. One of his friends passed out and Williams tried to carry her with a wheelbarrow. According to the testimony of others, Williams began pouring beer on her and making fun of her while he was taking her to the hotel room.

Later, Williams suddenly started arguing with his other friend, who was 28 years old. The argument quickly turned into a fight when his friend told him he was disrespectful. When the woman awoke, she tried to break up the fight. Williams pushed both the woman and the other woman in his friend group.

Williams then knocked his arguing boyfriend down and tried to strangle him. Meanwhile, the other people in the room tried to separate the two friends who were fighting. Williams, who could not get what he wanted, this time bit off his friend’s ear.

The injuries sustained in the incident were not life-threatening. No part of the man’s ear was found. Williams, who retreated to his corner after his attack, was taken into custody by the sheriff’s deputies. He is now charged with aggravated battery, battery by strangulation and two different batteries.

Another Incident On August 7

Accused Florida Man Says His Cat Downloaded Child Porn, Not Him.

Who are the famous August 7 birthdays?

C. Buddingh’, Dutch poet and translator (d. 1985)
1925 M. S. Swaminathan, Indian geneticist and academic
Don Larsen, American baseball player
Walid Jumblatt, Lebanese journalist and politician
Mikhail Gorsheniov, Russian singer-songwriter (Korol i Shut) (d. 2013)
Mark McCammon, English-Barbadian footballer
1986 Altair Jarabo, Mexican model and actress
Juan de la Rosa, Mexican boxer
Karol Zalewski, Polish sprinter

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