Florida Man Birthday August 1

A Florida man tried to buy a beer while carrying an alligator in his hand

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – According to video footage obtained from a Florida store, a man enters the store with an alligator and tries to buy a beer. The people in the store, who could not remain indifferent to the event, watched the man in an interesting way and did not understand what he was trying to do at first.

The identity of the man who entered the market with an alligator in his hand has not yet been determined. The man was wandering around the market, carrying the alligator in his right hand. Then the man is seen approaching one of the store clerks for a while. He clearly says “You’re not going to run out of beer, are you?” in the video.

It is unknown what kind of response the man received from the store clerk. The man then walks to the back of the store, where he approaches another man. The man with the alligator in his hand said to the other man, “You’re not getting the last beer, are you? Tell the truth, it’s not the last beer, is it?”

Meanwhile, other people in the market are following the man in an interesting way. The man then starts running towards the other man he asked the question. When he comes to the section where the beers are, he buys 12 packs of beer and leaves the market.

Florida wildlife researchers continue to investigate the event. The identity of the man who entered the market carrying an alligator and tried to buy beer has not been determined yet.

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