Florida Man Birthday April 3

A Florida man is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend with a sword.

A 41-year-old Florida man has been arrested for crushing his ex-girlfriend with a truck after wounding her with a sword, according to a statement from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

According to another statement, Brandi Blevins, 42, was found dead in the front yard of a house on Sunday night.

After the detectives’ investigation, it was revealed that a man named Eric Huffman had stabbed Blevens. According to a witness, Huffman crushed the victim with a truck after stabbing Blevens.

Running away from home, Huffman was caught by the sheriff’s deputies.

Eric Huffman is held without bail for deadly weapon aggravated assault and willful murder.

Another Incident On April 3

Florida Man Can’t Get Car He Wants To Steal To Start

Who are the famous April 3 birthdays?

Cyrus K. Holliday, American businessman (d. 1900)
1898 George Jessel, American actor, singer, and producer (d. 1981)
Tony Benn, English pilot and politician, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (d. 2014)
Tony Orlando, American singer (Tony Orlando and Dawn)
1954 Elisabetta Brusa, Italian composer
Yoshinobu Takahashi, Japanese baseball player
1986 Stephanie Cox, American soccer player
1991 Stanislav Engovatov, Russian footballer
Gaku Sano, Japanese actor

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