Florida Man Birthday April 16

A drunk man was arrested while eating spaghetti.

NAPLES, FLORIDA (KLFY) – Ben Padgett, 32, was arrested for disorderly drunkenness and resisting a police officer, according to the Miami Herald.

According to the arrest report, Padgett, who was disturbed at the restaurant, was complained. Cops arriving at the restaurant saw Padgett undressed and muttering something.

According to the testimony of the restaurant staff, Padgett demanded money from the restaurant owners and cursed them.

The cops gave Padgett, who ate spaghetti, a paper towel to clean himself up.

Padgett, who was taken to the police car, hit his head on the bars inside the vehicle and cut off his head.

Sentenced to prison, Padgett was released on bail of $2,000.

Another Incident On April 16

Florida Man Asks Cashier About Stealing Beer, Then Does It Anyway And Gets Arrested

Who are the famous April 16 birthdays?

Ponnambalam Ramanathan, Sri Lankan lawyer and politician, 3rd Solicitor General of Sri Lanka (d. 1930)
1896 Tristan Tzara, Romanian-French poet and critic (d. 1963)
Gerard McLarnon, English-Irish actor and playwright (d. 1997)
Herman van Ham, Dutch chef (d. 2012)
1946 R. Carlos Nakai, American flute player
Tim Flach, English photographer and director
1978 John Buffalo Mailer, American actor, producer, and playwright
1980 Juliette Marquis, Ukrainian actress, model, and ballerina
Savant, Norwegian DJ and producer

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