Florida Man Birthday April 14

Florida man who threw spaghetti in his mouth was arrested at Olive Garden

The Florida man was arrested after he said he drunkenly messed up and threw spaghetti into his mouth with his hands.

According to the Miami Herald report, a man named Ben Padgett was arrested on April 7 in Naples on charges of disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer.

According to the records, the officers responded to the call from the restaurant. Padgett was eating spaghetti with nothing on when they went to the restaurant. Padgett was also smelling booze and muttering to himself.

According to the employee of the restaurant, Padgett made a scene inside and asked the restaurant owners for money.

Padgett, while being taken away in a police car after he was caught, began to bang his head against the iron partition, causing him to be decapitated.

Padgett was jailed but was released on bail of $2,000.

Another Incident On April 14

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Who are the famous April 14 birthdays?

John Appold, English engineer (d. 1865)
1924 Mary Warnock, Baroness Warnock, English philosopher an academic
William Lucas, English actor
Ni Zhiqin, Chinese high jumper
1945 Ritchie Blackmore, English guitarist and songwriter (The Outlaws, Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Blackmore’s Night)
Péter Esterházy, Hungarian author
1957 Lothaire Bluteau, Canadian actor
1971 Miguel Calero, Colombian footballer and manager (d. 2012)
Simona La Mantia, Italian triple jumper

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